Opening Accounts

  1. A fully completed and signed application form. The account holder(s) and authorized signatories, full name, home and business address, phone and fax numbers, date and place of birth, nationality, occupation, must be mentioned on the form.
  2. A fully completed and signed Source of Funds and Statement of Purpose Document, giving detailed information about the anticipated activities and nature of transactions.
  3. A fully completed and signed Indemnity Agreement.(if applicable)
  4. General Terms & Conditions, to be signed by client upon receipt.
  5. Two signature card(s), to be signed by the prospective signatory (ies).
  6. Joint Account Deed (only for “and/or” accounts), if applicable
  7. A Power of Attorney Document (if applicable).
  8. A clear copy of a valid identification document for each account holder (passport, driver’s license or an identification card). For non-resident nationalities two valid identifications are required (one must be a passport).
  9. For non-resident nationalities two original reference letters from two different well-known banks addressed to Orco Bank N.V.
  10. A copy of a salary slip
  11. When applicable more information about the person(s) might be needed, in order to comply with the “Know your Customer Policy” of the bank.

Any additional information, for the bank to know who the client is, and what the client does, is welcome.

The prospective client can only open accounts in person. Mail requests or fax copies to open accounts will not be accepted.

Accounts will not be opened until all applicable documents are received, fully completed and signed.