Credit Card Helpdesk

During working hours: (5999) – 732-7000

After working hours: Get automatically connected to our International Helpdesk without any costs.
(5999) - 732-7090 lost or stolen credit cards
(5999) - 732-7091 credit card information

Are you abroad? Please call these numbers after working hours:
(+1) 800-325-3678 or (+1) 727-570-4881 lost or stolen credit cards
(+1) 800-396-9665 or (+1) 410-581-9994 Visa Card member assistance
(+1) 636-722-7111 or (+1) 800-627-8372 Master assistance center.

Don’t delay! Contact us immediately when needed.

In case you contacted one of these numbers after working hours, we would appreciate if you can send an e-mail to

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