Safety and security

You can be confident that Orco Bank goes beyond what is required by law to guarantee that our services are as secure as possible at all times. ORCO Bank will never ask you to replay in an e-mail with any personal information such as your ATM or creditcard number or PIN. Please notify us immediately at 732700 or via if you notice any irregularities. Of course, you should be aware that your banking habits and behavior can greatly affect your security. We would like to give you some advice regarding how to safely handle your business.

Protecting your personal computer

By securing your computer, you prevent unauthorized access from people and software, thus helping to keep your information safe. Make sure that your computer is securely configured. Use passwords and regularly change them. Install a virus protection program as well as spyware protection program on your computer and regularly update them.

Password selection

Choose your password carefully. When selecting a password, it can be tempting to use words and/or numbers that are easy to remember, such as family names or birthdays. However, keep in mind that the easier you password is, the easier target it makes.

Personal information

Identity theft occurs when someone gets a hold of your personally identifying information such as your name, identification number or credit card number and uses this information without your permission to commit fraud or other crimes. Handle your personal information (e.g. credit card numbers) with discretion and avoid becoming an identity theft victim. Beware of disclosing sensitive information to unauthorized persons or to any doubtful websites. Do not give personal information on the phone unless you initiate the call. Be aware of phishing e-mails (i.e. the fraudulent practice of sending e-mails from supposed legitimate companies requesting personal information).

PIN number

Your PIN-number is for your eyes only. It gives the card bearer DIRECT ACCESS to your funds. Do not let this convenience become a financial calamity. Never write down your PIN number. Do not share your PIN number with anyone. Make sure that no one can see the numbers as you are typing them on an ATM or on an electronic POS-system in a store.


Thieves can get information by using a skimmer device on top of an ATM. This device will read all the account information stored electronically on the magnetic stripe of your card as well as record your PIN number as you punch it in. Careful inspection of an ATM before inserting your card will usually reveal that something is not right with the ATM. In case of any perceived irregularity, call the telephone number registered on the ATM immediately.